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i4 Tool

Gain a more holistic perspective of yourself in order to operate more effectively as a leader in this global and ever-changing economy of the 21st Century.

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There are two key ingredients when it comes to developing leadership. The first step is to become comfortable with feedback; the second is to develop the ability to self reflect. With i4, this is now within your reach!

Our well-researched 360° assessment process (which includes your own Self Assessment) makes it easy for anyone to seek and receive feedback from others.

Aquire a more objective perspective of your capabilities in the different areas of the i4 Neuroleader Model by inviting people from your immediate personal and work circles.

What will I gain by completing this 360° Assessment?

  • An opportunity to get feedback from up to 20 people across 8 rater categories, including family & friends!
  • A comparative view of how you score against global benchmarking norms.
  • A deeper sense of how well your views align with those of your raters.
  • A confirmation of your true strengths & potential limitations in regards to your brain & body state.

When will I see my results?
Once you and your raters submit the answers, your i4 Report will be automatically generated and available for you to view in your personal dashboard, digitally or as a downloadable PDF.

Understanding your results:
As part of this process, you will also gain access to the 'Self-Paced Virtual Debrief Course' a series of video lessons that will assist you in interpreting the results of your i4 Report and guide you in creating a plan of action for further development.

Follow up with a coaching session:
When buying this assessment you may wish to purchase a virtual coaching session with one of our expert i4 coaches to explore your results in more detail.

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