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This program will expand your toolbox with the most revolutionary brain-based and holistic leadership development model and methodology around!



  • The business case for the i4 Neuroleader Model
  • Why you need to learn about the brain in leadership
  • Learning outcomes & topics overview
  • i4 Practitioner (Level 1) outline
  • i4 Trainer (Level 2) outline & daily agenda
  • Membership levels offering
  • Details about our learning resources
  • How you can leverage from the content and resources to expand your practice
  • The key points of difference of the i4 Neuroleader Assessment Suite
  • ICF/CCE Accreditation information
I'm really impressed with the i4 Model, I've seen a lot of leadership programs in my corporate life and this one is the first one that has a tangible link back to science. I have spent a lot of time working with teams and leaders and this tool - to me - is one that can stimulate high performance in the corporate world. SIMON VINCENT Supply Chain Coach & Consultant

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